Dating Today is a Disaster for Most Guys

That's because it's turned into a string of dating app rejections, friend-zoning, approach anxiety, ghosting, and overall frustration.

Then there's the increasingly nosebleed standards from women... how quickly they get "the ick" over absurdly small things .. and how inconsistent their behavior can seem.

(Why do so many women claim they want a good, nice guy, but their actions show that they don't actually choose good, nice guys?)

Given all this, what's happening is a lot of good guys are hitting this point where they end up doing one of two things...

They either give it all up - like delete the apps, swear off making any more effort toward women, and go into hermit mode...

Or they grow determined and start looking for answers.

You're here, which means you've chosen the second option, and that's great. You're in the right place for answers.

Plus, that means you're in the right place to turn today's challenging dating environment into a good thing by setting yourself apart from overwhelming majority of guys who don't know how to meet, attract, and keep quality women in their lives (yes, these women still exist).

Now, I'm not knocking that "overwhelming majority of guys." It's not their fault. And if you're in that camp today, it's not your fault either.

Most guys have simply never been taught what women are attracted to, why it's that way, and what that means, practically-speaking, for how to behave around them.

So, most guys simply go with their instincts, or maybe what their older brother told them.

But so many times, our instincts are just wrong. Plus, who's to say an older brother is giving good advice? Mine actually intentionally sabotaged me with bad advice for his own amusement.

Here’s the bottom line: When it comes to attraction, dating, and relationships, there are just some realities that most guys don’t know. But when you learn what they are - and when you learn how to act on them - they make all the difference in how women see and relate to you.

Given this, I've create the Truths of Attraction course that details these realities, clearing up the confusion so many guys have about dating and relationships.

Here are just a handful of topics the course addresses

…the #1 thing that will attract women into your life. Get this right and you’re 80% of the way there 

…damaging false narratives about what women find attractive. We’re going to erase them, then replace them with truth 

…multiple ways to approach women. No more being at a loss for what to do and what to say. Plus, how to take action if approach anxiety is a big issue 

…conversation hacks that destroy brain freeze while avoiding awkwardness and helping build attraction 

…the flawed way most guys set up dates. What to do instead that will help you avoid ghosting and last-minute cancellations 

…a blueprint for the dating apps. How to go from “match” to a date while avoiding the flakes, ghosters, and women who just want an ego boost 

…the ways guys unintentionally destroy a budding relationship that gets them friend-zoned.

…a powerful strategy for getting back an ex. What to do – but more importantly, what not to do, that will kill any hope of a reconciliation 

Below, you can see the course's entire syllabus for more information.

Who Am I to Offer You This Course?

I'm Jeff. And first and foremost, I'm a regular guy - most likely, you and I have plenty in common.

Our biggest differences are that I'm probably older than you (late 40s), and I've gone through the process that's the subject of this course.

But I write that we're similar because whatever dating challenge you’re having, I’ve probably experienced it. 

From being unable to walk across the bar and say “hello” to a woman…  

To freezing up in the first conversation and making it painfully awkward…  

To blowing myself up on a first date in all sorts of ways… 

To acting in self-defeating ways when I've been in a committed relationship...

Whatever the mistake, there's a fair chance I've made it. But that's also why I'm able to help you.

And to be clear, I know what you're experiencing now, as in today.

That's because I remain single (or in selected relationships) by choice. So, I'm well aware of today's dating environment that's growing increasingly challenging due to the rise of social media, the dating apps, and a snowballing sense of entitlement from many women.

All that said, I've experienced what you're going through, but thanks to other successful guys who went before me, plenty of trial and error, and decades of being out in the dating world, I've learned what I was doing wrong - and more importantly, how to do it right.

But just as important as “who I am” is “who I am not.”

I’m not some 25-year-old guy who is mostly repeating advice he’s heard elsewhere on YouTube dating channels…

I’m not trying to “build my brand” and get social media followers (I don’t care one bit about being in the limelight, in fact, I prefer to avoid it) …

And I’m not going to fill your head with “pickup artist” manipulation tools or black-pill “all women are awful” doom and gloom. 

I'm just an older guy who’s “been there and done that” many times over, who's going to tell you the truth, so that you can start getting things right. 

Before we wrap up, let's clarify one thing...

All the hacks, tips, and insights covered in the course are great, but they alone won't be the reason you start seeing more successes with women.

What actually happens is these hacks, tips, and insights begin to change your mindset about women, as well as how you view yourself.

You begin developing a different type of confidence... how you carry yourself changes, even if you don't realize it... people begin to notice some shift in you, even if they can't name it specifically. All they know is that something is different.

It's this "shift" in you, combined with your new behaviors and ways of relating to women, that will change your dating and relationship results.

But it all starts with you taking action to learn these hacks, tips, and insights, that will change the energy you're putting out and how you show up to the world.

Bottom line: Without new actions, you won't get new results.

So, if you’re frustrated with your dating/relationship life today, join me in Truths of Attraction and begin this shift to see how it can change everything.

Example Curriculum

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  Attraction Fundamentals
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  Approaching Women
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  The Post-Approach Conversation
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  After That First Conversation/Encounter
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  The First Date
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  Between Dates 1 and 2
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  The Minefield
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  "Official" Relationships
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  Bonus: Getting Your Ex Back/Escaping Friendzone
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  Bonus: Dating Apps
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  BONUS: Fun Replies Cheat Sheet
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  Course Wrap-Up
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